The Property Itself Can Help Finance Your Purchase

Every property has worth. The value lies not only in the actual value of the propertyhouse and land itself, but in other areas as well. Trees and mineral rights may have cash value. A vacant lot next door or furniture left on the property may also provide a source for cash.

Online valuation services, and even some comparable market analyses from a real estate professional, usually don’t include the value of trees or mineral rights. Check with a realtor or city or county office before you purchase a property. Educate yourself as to what local code enforcement or zoning will allow. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always do your due diligence.
A property’s value is often calculated by the sales of similar properties in the same neighborhood.

Real Life Story Success Story
Some time ago. I bought a forty-eight-unit apartment building creatively with very little money down. I then converted the apartments into condominiums and sold them in blocks of four and five to individual investors at nearly twice what I had originally paid on a per-unit basis. While the use of the building did not change, the legal framework did and, by doing this, I was able to make a huge profit.

Investors Are Always Interested In Real Estate

People seem to have no problem putting money into the stock market. However, it can he risky and difficult to figure out exactly what to invest in. For example, when you buy a piece of rental property, you can reasonably anticipate what the future rents and expenses will he. But if you buy a stock, the value of the stock could drop in half almost overnight, and its dividend could be totally eliminated! Real estate, by contrast, is a much safer investment.

Moreover, you will find that investing in real estate becomes easier and easier as you acquire more properties. In fact, once your friends and acquaintances see how you’rInvestorse amassing properties, they’ll often ask if they can “get in on your next deal.” When investors don’t have the time, but do have the cash, they will frequently loan money to you at a good rate of return, or perhaps even agree to share in a portion of the profit upon resale of the property.
Where can you find investors? Check your local newspaper for “money lenders,” or do an online search. It may even be as simple as a friend who isn’t happy with his or her return in the stock market and is willing to lend you a large sum to purchase the property, while they hold the mortgage, and make a good return on their investment through your monthly payments. And if you have an investor willing to loan you only a portion of the purchase price, be sure to find out what your lender’s requirements are before you structure a deal.

The Property Itself Can Help Finance Your Purchase
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