Purchasing Rare Coins – Smart Choice for Portfolio Diversification

Investing in rare coins purchased  offer significant benefits to investors that are unmatched by any other traded instrument. A U.S. rare gold coin is usually one that is defined as a coin minted in the U.S. between the years 1795 and 1933. It was back in the year 1795 that the Philadelphia Mint started minting gold coins. In 1933, the United States stopped minting coins for circulation to be used as U.S. legal tender.

Why US Coins Become Rare
As a result, these coins have become extremely rare for two specific reasons. The first significant reason is that the U.S. Treasury has recalled gold coinage on at least three separate occasions. One recall was to correct the content of gold in the coins, back in the 1830s, because the weight of gold did not match the face value of the coin. The next time the coins were recalled was during the Civil War, because many of them were being melted down to trade internationally.

The third time there was a coin recall was in 1933, by President Roosevelt. At that time, Congress passed a law that made it illegal for any private citizen to own gold. Over the years, these gold coins have become rare because many of them were lost in circulation, or have been worn down to the point where they are no longer an attractive investment for any serious collector.

The Benefit of Rare Gold Coins from MonacoRareCoins.com
Collecting a rare gold coin is a great investment opportunity because it offers significant advantages that include:

  • Enhanced Long-Term Performance – Individuals invest in rare gold coins because they offer a long track record of providing enhanced long-term performance. Due to their high demand and scarcity, rare gold coins have historically outperformed the increased value of gold bullion.
  • Safety and Security – Purchasing rare gold coins is a wise decision because they hold their value due to their weight in gold. For the last 5000 years, gold has been used as trade, and has withstood the test of time. It remains a constant, and has increased in value especially during hard economic times.
  • Privacy – Investing in rare gold coins from MonacoRareCoins.com allows the investor to remain financially private in their investments. It requires no paper trail, nor follows any restricted guidelines from the government.
  • Diversification Advantages – The value of a rare gold coin tends to move completely independent of all other trading instruments including the stock market. This is usually a result of a reaction of geopolitical and economic events in an opposite direction of a paper investment. This makes it a great diversification tool for U.S. citizens that already own bonds, real estate, stocks and other trading instruments.
  • Guarding against Government Restriction – With specific federal rules and laws in place, collecting rare coins is guarded against any type of government restriction. It is the most secure method for owning gold.
  • Historical Significance – Many investors choose to purchase rare gold coins from MonacoRareCoins.com because of their historical significance. Many U.S. coins have great historical value, which only makes their numismatic qualities all that more attractive.
  • Aesthetically Appealing – Every rare gold coin is a significant piece of American history, but holds an additional aesthetic beauty to its minting. Many collectors enjoy the hobby because they are mesmerized with the beauty of the coin, especially those that are in perfect condition.

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Purchasing rare coins from MonacoRareCoins.com is the ideal way to develop a high yield investment portfolio with relatively low risk. Enhancing a portfolio using rare coins is simple because it offers diversity, mobility, privacy, and a way to provide insurance in hard economic times.

Purchasing Rare Coins – Smart Choice for Portfolio Diversification
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