The Future of Coin Investing

While coin collecting has been a popular hobby for several years now, it is becoming an equally popular investment option. Some collectors do not realize they are actually investing in their future, while others have been doing it for so long that they never considered doing it for monetary profit. The newer school of coin collectors, however, sees the coin and rare coin outlook for what it is: a profitable investment opportunity. While many collectors still begin collecting out of a love for the coins and the process, some others have gotten into coins purely for financial gain. With a strong future in rare coins and the metals which make them up, you cannot blame them for their interest.

Coin collecting and investing has a bright future because coins can be acquired for reasonable prices but will only increase in value over years. Bullion coins are backed by their certified precious metal content, while numismatic coins has their precious metal content and demand among collectors and investors driving their value. What you invest or collect is dependent on your strategy and why you began collecting in the first place, but even the most casual collectors can turn a pretty strong profit. For the more serious investors, smart investing can turn substantial gains over the years as a portfolio grows.

Below are some of the many coins which collectors and investors alike are eyeing:

Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coins–These silver bullion coins are incredibly popular because of their beautiful design. These coins and their precious metal content are guaranteed by their native Australia, where they are minted, and their design has set them near the top of coin collecting popularity. The legendary Perth Mint, widely respected around the world for their beautiful and high quality coins, is responsible for the minting and manufacturing of these coins. They are available in silver, gold, and platinum, another reason they are popular among collectors.

Canadian Silver Maple Coins–These Canadian Silver Maple coins are another silver coin popular among collectors, even though they are relatively new. These coins have only been minted since 1988, making them one of the younger coins on the market. They first gained popularity among collectors and investors because of their similarity to the above mentioned Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coins in terms of silver content, as they are also .9999 pure silver.

Their face value is only five dollars Canadian, though their value is much higher and is not tied to their precious metal content. Even so, at five dollars it has the highest face value of any international coin. The beautiful design, ever increasing the demand for these coins, features the iconic image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the historic Canadian Silver Maple on the reverse side.

Silver American Eagles–These are the only silver bullion coins which are fully guaranteed by the United States Government, which means the weight and silver content are fully backed. These are some of the most popular and collected coins in the United States and all over the world. They can be collected and invested in now and will only continue to accrue more value over time.

The Morgan Silver Dollars–These are at the top of the list when it comes to silver dollar coins and rare coins in general. They are easily some of the most valuable rare coins in the world, depending on the year they were minted. They were named after their designer, George Morgan in 1878, and the lady liberty design is based on the woman who posed for a portrait, Anna Willess Williams.

The Future of Coin Investing
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