How to Collect Gold Coins

Collecting rare gold coins is a hobby that many enjoy. Yet, how does a novice get started? According to you should collect what interests you. Collecting specific issues, denomination, designs, or types is good way to begin. Starting with what is popular may not be the best way to go, because this may not be what you are interested in. After all, coin collecting is done for enjoyment. Of course, some do collect for financial gain only. This type of collector is really an investor and is more likely to pursue coins for their value and not for pleasure.

Certain coins may offer sentimental value to the collector, perhaps something that reminds him of his youth. He may have been given a vintage gold coin from a grandparent, and this has inspired his thirst to collect. Conceivably, the beginning collector could be interested in his ancestors, and seek related coins as a result. In any event, collecting what interests you will indeed make the pastime more enjoyable.

Coin Link says that you need a budget of $1000 to $2000 to buy interesting pre-1933 gold coins. Certainly, you can purchase gold coins in the $250 to $500 range, but the coin quality may not be to your liking. Still, states that you should only buy the best gold coin you can reasonably afford. Determine your budget, and then take stock of your long-term collecting goals. Are you seeking to only collect a single gold coin or an entire series? If you are on a limited budget you will have to start small, perhaps one coin at a time.

As with any worthwhile endeavor you must have a road map. If you are collecting sets, then you must be methodical in your approach so you can acquire the pieces needed to meet your goals. There are two ways to collect sets. First, you can collect by date and mint mark, or collect one type from within a series, such as coin denomination. Collecting by date and mint mark is the traditional series collecting method. During the 1930’s the Whitman Publishing Company first issued their cardboard penny coin collecting boards. The collector placed the proper coin into the proper date and mint mark slot, and this offered an organized method to collect coins.
Collect Gold Coins
Yet, series coin collecting is not always as simple as simply acquiring a single mint date. This is because many series gold coins offer more than one significant mint date. These dates typically have lower mintages than other dates of the same coins. In other words, these key dates are rarer and therefore more valuable. As a result, many coin collectors turn to coin type collecting as a more attainable way to achieve their collecting goals. For example, the collector may acquire a single denomination or a certain time period to represent a specific set entry.

In the end, most of us can only buy the best gold coins we can afford. With that in mind purchasing rare gold coins from the most trusted name in the rare coin business, just makes sense. They are affiliated with a vast coin network and can find virtually any rare coin you seek.

How to Collect Gold Coins
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